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This page describes the permissions Watchdog needs.

  1. Internet: Needed by Flurry Analytics. This is disabled in the setting menu if desired. This helps me track version usage and other features anonymously to see how the app is uses.
  2. Phone Calls(phone state and identity): This is to ensure that the auto kill doesn't occur when you are on the phone. It caused issues on certain HTC devices.
  3. System tools(prevent phone from sleeping): This is only used while the app is collecting data for about 1/2 a second. This is to ensure validity of the results.
  4. Kill background processes: The kill feature needs this.
  5. Start on boot: To enable monitoring on bootup if configured in settings.
  1. Internet: Used for Flurry as in paid, as well as to serve the ads that support the Free version.
  2. System tools(prevent phone from sleeping), Start on boot, Kill background processes: Same as paid version